Sagar Singh Kadian


Sagar Singh Kadian is a Student-at-Law at James Law Firm since January 2024. His legal journey began with a strong educational foundation, commencing at Chandigarh University in India, expanding to a Semester Abroad Program at Deakin University in Australia and following with a Diploma in Law from The University of Sydney, Australia. During this period, Sagar gained comprehensive knowledge in fundamental legal subjects such as Criminal Law, Contract, Torts, and Australian Constitutional Law. His qualifications have been recognized by both the LPAB in New South Wales, Australia, and the LSO in Canada.

Sagar has significant experience in Canadian Immigration Law and has showcased a remarkable ability to navigate intricate immigration matters. His expertise extends to handling Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration applications, Federal Court applications, LMIA, IAD and Refugee Appeal Division.

Beyond the legal sphere, Sagar is passionate about sports, fitness, and nutrition. His notable achievements include winning Gold in the AIU All India American Football Tournament and securing Bronze in the Senior Nationals in 2019.

Fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, Sagar’s multilingual skills enhance his ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing him to offer a broader range of services in the legal field.

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